Artisan Bakers Kent

Plaxtol Bakery – Artisan Bakers Kent

Second-generation award winning Plaxtol Bakery provides a superb hand baked range of Artisan Breads supplied to our 2 retail shops and the Café, Hotel, Farm shop and Hotel trade.

We use high quality, fresh ingredients in our sourdough breads that give each loaf a full depth of flavour with superb keeping qualities.

Skilled bakers by hand using traditional methods and techniques lovingly make our loaves; we deliver our loved products across most of Kent on a daily basis.

To compliment our Artisan Bread range we also produce a full array of delicious bakery products ranging from Morning Pastries, Weekend Gateaus, Flour Confectionery and Rolls.

If you are looking for one of the premiere Artisan Bakers Kent, please contact Plaxtol Bakery to find out how we can help.