“Hi Nick,

Apologies for bothering you, but i just wanted to thank you and your staff for your excellent product. We bought some of your Crusty Rolls at Polhill, took them home, slathered them with butter and cheese and wow! my wife has been moaning about the declining quality and size of her favorite rolls from Sainsburys and you have saved the day. We will definitely be trying more of your products in the future, well done and keep it up.

kind regards,

Mr and Mrs James”


From Heath Stores at Horsemonden

“Heath Stores is known for its high quality local produce. Plaxtol Bakery bread and confectionery is at the forefront of this desire to provide our customers with quality products. Our customers return time and time again to feast on Plaxtol Artisan bread and look forward to Friday’s and the fresh delivery of Plaxtol cakes. Some of our customers have commented, that they have given up baking as their efforts in the kitchen do not come close the delicious offerings from Plaxtol Bakery!”


All the way from Detroit, Michigan, USA.

24th January 2018


My wife and I were recently in Hever and London for our honeymoon and were fortunate to get to try some of your bread. It was probably the best bread either of us have ever had. When we returned home (to Detroit, Michigan, US) we found Hever was one of the best parts of the trip, and when people ask why, consistently mention your bread.

As foodies, we are always on the look out for new treats and your bread is one of them – thank you for making such a great product. Is see why you have won awards.

By any chance I could get the recipe? I know the answer is probably ‘no’, but I wanted to ask. I cook and bake at home (mainly for my wife and parent) and as an attorney, I do not sell anything (so there would be no competition) and can promise not to share, post or give it to anyone. If not I certainly understand.

Either way, thank you, it was a pleasant surprise.

Best regards,



Wednesday 31st January 2018

“Oh my goodness, you make the most amazing doughnuts, seriously the best I have ever had.

We’ve had them so many times for birthdays in our office, its becoming a bit of a tradition here. 

We can’t believe that they are naughty treats as they are so light as air and no grease to be seen anywhere!

With kind regards, Chantelle.